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--- Frequently asked questions.

What clients should I use with IServerd ?

Now you can use only V3 clients (clients that support V3G protocol). You can download them from Mirabilis site ( http://www.icq.com/groupware - English version only) or from my site (http://www.icq.khstu.ru/setup.html - Russian version). Also I can offer to you unix version of groupware client, located on http://www.icq.khstu.ru/unix. Also you can use V5 clients (ICQ99a,b; mICQ, CenterICQ, LICQ and other).

Can I communicate with global ICQ users thru IServerd ?

Currently no. This future is not implemented yet, read TODO file for further information. This is a very difficult task and I need some time to find out how to solve it.

You told about full V3 support, but ICQ98 doesn't work ?

Yes, you are right. ICQ98 use V3 protocol, but there is two modifications of it: internet (I call it "V3I") and groupware ("V3G"). I'm thinking now how to add V3I support for ICQ98 in IServerd without deleting V3G.

When I'll be able to use ICQ2000 with IServerd ?

IServerd now supports ICQ2001 and ICQ2001, 2002, 2003, ICQLite.

Is it possible to link several IServerd servers ?

Sorry, but this possibility is not ready yet.

I have setup autoregistration, but it doesn't work.

Probably you forgot to change "V3 post-register info" to automatic text file. Edit post_reg_auto.txt placed in ISERVERD-ROOT/etc/texts and then set "V3 post-register info" = path to this file.

Is it possible to view all users, connected to IServerd ?

Yes. You can do this with PostgreSQL interactive monitor. Run 'psql users_db' and then type SELECT * FROM Online_Users;. You can specify list of fields instead of '*'. On my server I made special VIEW, called "Online" (CREATE VIEW Online AS SELECT uin,frst,last,email1 FROM Users_Info WHERE uin IN (SELECT uin FROM Online_Users);). After that you can simply type SELECT * FROM ONLINE; to receive list of online users. Or you can user isdwm package.

What "Admin email" option purposed for?

This email used in administrator broadcast messages. Uses will see this email in every message coming from uin=1.

Can I split config into several parts or merge it into one ?

Yes (two times). You can place all options into one file, called iserv.conf of place them into several files (but don't forget to specify include = path_to_file option in root config file)

I found unknown packet in debug.log, what should I do ?

Sometimes client send packets that are not yet handled by IServerd. Server on this packets write into debug.log string "We have unknown packet..." and packet dump. Please, cut this part from log file and send it to me by email mailto:AVShutko@mail.khstu.ru).

I run IServerd at first time, but it writes error messages about non-existing tables.

Relax. It is normal. Server will create non-existing tables and continue work. You can restart it after that to make sure that the tables are created - error messages should disappear.

I found a socket file named wwp_sock in temp directory. What is it?

It is a socket for wwp messages. It is used by "webpager" utility to send wwp messages.

Are there any RPM binaries for Linux ?

Yes. You can download sorce package from http://smile.org.ua/~andy/prj/icq. When you downloaded package, run rpm --rebuild .src.rpm. Thanks to Andy Shevchenko for this work. Also he helps me with man pages.

The IControl write "Password error" after starting ? Why ?

Probably you forgot to change info password in iserv.conf. Default password is disabled for security reasons.

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