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--- Frequently asked questions.

IServerd can't create database table --> "... string too big", is it normal ?

You have downloaded IServerd, compiled it, installed and trying to run... It trying to create necessary database tables and failed with following log messages:

Init: Checking DB (users_db) integrity...
Creating new database table: Database query failed (7). Place: [CREATE TABLE]
ERROR: DefineQueryRewrite: rule plan string too big.
RDBMS Reconnection failed. PPs are shuting down...

Upgrage your PostgreSQL server to 7.x.x. Old version have request length limit and IServerd can't create large users table users_info_ext

Miranda ICQ work with server only several minutes and then goes offline

Try to increase "V5 ping time" parameter in configuration file. Miranda's V5 protocol plugin doesn't understand server-defined ping time that it send in login-reply packet and use its own builtin value.

I installed IServerd. Icq99a works, but Icq2k and another v7+ clients doesn't. Why?

Probably you have incorrect v7_proto.conf file. Check "V7 BOS address" parameter in it. You should set it to your server address and port. Like this: V7 BOS address =

I got "Can't create semaphores. Error: [No space left on device]", but I have a lot of free space on my hdd!

This error does *not* mean that you have run out of disk space. It is because your kernel is not configured with enough semaphores. A solution is to increase your kernel's SEMMNS and SEMMNI parameters.

How to add new field into users_info_ext table ?

You don't have to add new field to users_info_ext table. Create new table instead. New table should contain uin field and user defined fields. You can use SQL join operator to gather data from tables. Then you can create a view.

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