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IServerd Web Manager - web cgi application for IServerd. It was wrote by Andrey Linetskii aka Liandr aka Kent. It is based on perl DBI and DBD modules. Isdwm futures:
  • Users accounts search & view
  • Adding new icq users
  • Deleting existing users
  • Processing registration requests
  • Locking existing accounts
  • View/Clean offline messages table
  • View currently connected users
  • Setup interface language (lang files)
Current version:    isdwm-1.1   [6 Jun 2017, 20723 bytes]

Changes for [26.01.2005] - version 1.4.1
  • Version number now contain 3 numbers: major.minor.release
  • Fixed many bugs
  • ISDWM preconfigure system added
  • New way to work with encodings
  • Added ability to create table with admin comments for blocked users. Only ISDWM
  • administrators can see these comments (hint: block your bos uin & add comment :)
  • Interface improovements
  • Now isdwm use iserverd generated random password during registration request processing.
  • Now you can sort userlist by "Last login" field
  • Autorefresh of connected users page added
  • Administrator email autodetection at ISDWM install added
  • Ability to edit outgoing emails header
  • Action to vacuum database
Changes for [02.12.2002] - version 1.3
  • Fixed very small bug :) (deleting from registration requests).
Changes for [26.10.2002] - version 1.3 beta 1
  • Added english version of language.conf...
  • Fixed several minor issues.
Changes for [06.10.2002] - version 1.2 (internal release)
  • Cleaned up a bit code.
  • Various fixes and updates...
Changes for [25.07.2002] - version 1.2 beta 1
  • Fixed couple of bugs.
  • Added small patch by V.I.Leskov for the page "Active connections".
  • Put all messages to a separate file. So one may translate them to any languages (no changes for the branch is foreseen, I'm working on version 2 of the system). Please send translations to isdwm@nwnet.ru
  • Changed installation procedure.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Frozen branch 1.x for the favour of 2.x

Although I wanted to develop 1.x before, by importing checked code from development version 2.x, I decided to reject the method after I have removed all messages from the code. I expect only crytical fixes and new localization files for 1.x

Changes for [09.04.2002] - version 1.1p2 (bugfix release)
  • Fixed cookie-bug fix (code export oversight from development branch)
Changes for [01.04.2002] - version 1.1p1 (bugfix release)
  • Fixed cookie-bug ( Alexey Mendelev (ITC) )
Changes for [01.03.2002] - version 2.0 alpha
  • Work start
Changes for [10.02.2002] - version 1.1 (release)
  • Fixed some number of bugs
  • Cleaned up a bit generated HTML
  • Small changes to design and navigation
Changes for [19.01.2002] - version 1.1 beta 1
  • Updated documentation
  • Connected users list review mode [test]
  • Option to turn off indication of server status it the main page (recommended if main page loads too long)
  • Descending sort order of delayed messages list
  • Dropped module IxHash
  • Small architecture optimization
  • Changed config file version
  • Numerous small changes to design and navigation
  • New mechanism of cookies hadling via http-headers.
  • No necessity in Javascript now
  • Extended user status list
  • Fixed the bug related to unavailability of character @ in some fields
  • Fixed a dead link
  • Fixed potential hole in access check function (for those maniacs who uses this authorization method only)
Changes for [31.12.2001] - version 1.0
  • First stable public release

Screenshots: 1, 2, 3, 4, You can change iserverd web manager parameters easily thru web form. Also you can specify administartors uin list there.

You can download any version of isdwm here

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