[31.01.2005] - Family 0x0002 information updated.

[31.01.2005] - Added new SSI snac (remove yourself from another user ssi) and some "hacking" information about adding contacts without authorization.

[23.01.2005] - Added ICQ avatars information (downloading/uploading icons - service 0x0010). Added service request sequence description. Fixed several bugs.

[08.01.2005] - Added new family 0x0085. This is IServerd protocol extension. This family designed for icqv7 client to get broadcast messaging ability.

[25.04.2004] - I've made a massive update using many messages i got in my mailbox. First there was a huge update by Alexey Emelyanov (auth errors full list, channel 2 messages description, channel 1 messages fix, chat snacs descriptions, new capabilities, CLSIDs for plugins, common TLV list, "wanted" snacs). Also I fixed many bugs in documentation. Thanks to all people who helps me to improve these docs.

[13.06.2003] - Fixed several errors. Fixed pages look in netscape & konquerror browsers.

[12.06.2003] - capabilities.html page was rewritten using Gaim sources. Added SSI includes for additional links and banners. Fixed bugs in ext_status codes list (misc section). Added description for SNAC(01,14). Fixed SNAC(04,02)/SNAC(04,05) descriptions (icbm flags issue). Added family 0x0f (AIM directory user search) and SNAC(0f,01), SNAC(0f,04).

[11.06.2003] - Added SNAC(10,02), SNAC(10,03), SNAC(10,05). Changed (again) SNAC(01,11) description because I've read official TOC documentation. Fixed several typo bugs.

[10.06.2003] - Added family 0x10 (aim buddy icons service) and SNAC(10,01), SNAC(10,04). Fixed several errors and changed field descriptions in online userinfo block.

[08.06.2003] - Added online userinfo block description linked into basic information page. Online userinfo block used in many SNACs like SNAC(03,0B), SNAC(04,07), etc.

[07.06.2003] - Added descriptions for SNAC(17,0A), SNAC(17,0B), SNAC(0B,03), SNAC(0B,04), SNAC(0D,01), SNAC(0D,02), SNAC(0E,01), SNAC(0E,01), SNAC(0E,03), SNAC(0E,05), SNAC(0E,06). Fixed several errors in family 0x17 SNACs and added new info into SNAC(17,03). Please check "wanted" section for updates.

[01.06.2003] - Added SSI (server side information) authorization sequence description.

[31.05.2003] - Ryczard Haase updates: Added SNAC(15,02)/07D0/0AA5 and reply SNAC(15,03)/07DA/0302, fixed incorrect SNAC(1,11) field description. Added some new info into 0x0AXX "wanted" requests descriptions and SNAC(15,02)/07D0/0AAF.

[25.05.2003] - Added some new fileds (original_from info and marital status) in SNAC(15,03)/07DA/00DC. Added marital status code list to lists.html. Thanks to Ryczard Haase for provided information. Added "Wanted" page with unknown snacs I looking for details.

[24.05.2003] - Added SNAC(15,02)/07D0/0AAF - client shortcut bar stats report. Added SNAC(15,02)/07D0/1482 - client send SMS request. Added SNAC(15,03)/07DA/0001 - meta processing error reply. Added SNAC(15,03)/07DA/0096s - server reply for user SMS.

[12.05.2003] - Fixed many grammar bugs and pages structure problems. Added motd types list to lists.html

[11.05.2003] - Added description for SNAC(06,03) - server invitation reply. Added style definitions for all project files. All pre tags now has font-size style property.

[10.05.2003] - Added description for srv_message SNAC(04,07) for channels 1,4 messages. Fixed several bugs in SNAC(04,06). Added class calculation example in lists.html

[09.05.2003] - Added new item type (0x14, buddy icon info) description and TLV for this type (0xD5). Added description of SNAC(15,02)/07D0/2008 (2012) - spam report to server staff. Added description of the channel1/4 messages - SNAC(04,06).

[04.05.2003] - Added description of SNAC(15,02)/07D0/0C3A (0C3F) - tlv-based save-info request/reply. Currently this request used only by ICQLite client (build 1150).

[23.03.2003] - Added description of SNAC(15,02)/07D0/055F - white pages search. Added description for SNAC(04,14) - mini typing notification (MTN). Added lists.html page with status, msg_type, msg_flag, user_class lists. Added description for random search SNACs.

[15.03.2003] - Added sequences.html page and two login examples (md5 based login and channel 1 based login). Fixed bordercolor issue (bordercolor doesn't work on opera and mozilla browsers). Added separate icq_search.html page for ICQ search sequences.

[02.03.2003] - login.html page rewritten and ready.

[01.03.2003] - Fixed bugs in SNAC(13,03) spec. Fixed typo bug in families.html. Fixed bug in SNAC(13,14) specification. Added draft version of login.html page.

[23.02.2003] - Added descriptions of SNAC(04,0B), SNAC(04,08), SNAC(04,09) from icbm service. Added descriptions for all known SNACs from family 0x0a (AIM, search by email). Added cross link to SNAC(01,06) spec for SNAC(01,07).

[22.02.2003] - Added credits page which contain list of people contributed to these docs. Added basic protocol information (FLAP/SNAC/TLV).

[15.02.2003] - Added snac descriptions for administrative service (AIM, family 0x07) subtypes. Fixed typo bugs in SSI service snaclist.

[08.02.2003] - Added snac descriptions for server-side information (SSI) service (ICQ/AIM, family 0x13). Added AIM/ICQ icons for family.html header. Added SSI item description page ssi_item.html

[02.02.2003] - Added info for SNAC(01,07), SNAC(01,0A). Added rate limits detailed info (page rate_limits.html). Thanks to Zoe Smale for provided information.

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