Families/SNACs list   

 0x0001    Generic service controls Used in ICQ Used in AIM
 0x0002    Location services Used in ICQ Used in AIM
 0x0003    Buddy List management service Used in ICQ Used in AIM
 0x0004    ICBM (messages) service Used in ICQ Used in AIM
 0x0005    Advertisements service   Used in AIM
 0x0006    Invitation service   Used in AIM
 0x0007    Administrative service   Used in AIM
 0x0008    Popup notices service   Used in AIM
 0x0009    Privacy management service Used in ICQ Used in AIM
 0x000a    User lookup service (not used any more)  
 0x000b    Usage stats service Used in ICQ Used in AIM
 0x000c    Translation service   Used in AIM
 0x000d    Chat navigation service   Used in AIM
 0x000e    Chat service   Used in AIM
 0x000f    Directory user search   Used in AIM
 0x0010    Server-stored buddy icons (SSBI) service Used in ICQ Used in AIM
 0x0013    Server Side Information (SSI) service Used in ICQ Used in AIM
 0x0015    ICQ specific extensions service Used in ICQ  
 0x0017    Authorization/registration service Used in ICQ Used in AIM
 0x0085    Broadcast service - IServerd extension Used in ICQ Used in AIM

 Family 0x0001 Generic service controls 
 0x0001    client/server   Client / server error
 0x0002    client   Client is now online and ready for normal function
 0x0003    server   Server supported snac families list
 0x0004    client   Request for new service
 0x0005    server   Redirect (for 0x0004 subtype)
 0x0006    client   Request rate limits information
 0x0007    server   Rate limits information response
 0x0008    client   Add rate limits group
 0x0009    client   Delete rate limits group
 0x000a    server   Rate information changed / rate limit warning
 0x000b    server   Server pause command
 0x000c    client   Client pause ack
 0x000d    server   Server resume command
 0x000e    client   Request own online information
 0x000f    server   Requested online info response
 0x0010    server   Evil notification
 0x0011    client   Set idle time
 0x0012   server   Migration notice and info
 0x0013    server   Message of the day (MOTD)
 0x0014    client   Set privacy flags
 0x0015    server   Well known urls
 0x0016    server   No operation (NOP)
 0x0017    client   Request server services versions
 0x0018    server   Server services versions
 0x001e    client   Set status (set location info)
 0x001f    server   Client verification request
 0x0020    client   Client verification reply
 0x0021    server   Client's extended status from server

 Family 0x0002 Location services 
 0x0001    client/server   Client / server error
 0x0002    client   Request limitations/params
 0x0003    server   Limitations/params response
 0x0004    client   Set user information
 0x0005    client   Request user info
 0x0006    server   User information response
 0x0007    client   Watcher sub request
 0x0008    server   Watcher notification
 0x0009    client   Update directory info request
 0x000A    server   Update directory info reply
 0x000B    client   Query for SNAC(02,0C)
 0x000C    server   Reply to SNAC(02,0B)
 0x000F    client   Update user directory interests
 0x0010    server   Update user directory interests reply
 0x0015    client   User info query

 Family 0x0003 Buddy List management service 
 0x0001    client/server   Client / server error
 0x0002    client   Request limitations/params
 0x0003    server   Limitations/params response
 0x0004    client   Add buddy(s) to contact list
 0x0005    client   Remove buddy(ies) from contact
 0x0006    client   Query for list of watchers
 0x0007    server   Requested watchers list
 0x0008    client   Watcher sub request
 0x0009    server   Watcher notification
 0x000a    server   Notification rejected
 0x000b    server   User online notification
 0x000c    server   User offline notification

 Family 0x0004 ICBM service 
 0x0001    client/server   Client / server error
 0x0002    client   Set ICBM parameters
 0x0003    client   Reset ICBM parameters
 0x0004    client   Request parameters info
 0x0005    server   Requested parameters info response
 0x0006    client   Send message thru server
 0x0007    server   Message for client from server
 0x0008    client   Evil request
 0x0009    server   Server evil ack
 0x000a    server   Missed call (msg not delivered)
 0x000b    client/server   Client/server message error or data
 0x000c    server   Server message ack
 0x0014    client/server   Mini typing notifications (MTN)

 Family 0x0005 (depricated) Advertisements service 
 0x0001    client/server   Client / server error
 0x0002    client   Client request ads
 0x0003    server   Server returned ads (GIFs)

 Family 0x0006 Invitation service 
 0x0001    client/server   Client server error
 0x0002    client   Invite a friend to join AIM
 0x0003    server   Invitation server ack

 Family 0x0007 Administrative service 
 0x0001    client/server   Client / server error
 0x0002    client   Request account info
 0x0003    server   Requested account info
 0x0004    client   Change account info (screenname, password) request
 0x0005    server   Change account info ack
 0x0006    client   Account confirm request
 0x0007    server   Account confirm ack
 0x0008    client   Account delete request
 0x0009    server   Account delete ack

 Family 0x0008 Popup notices service 
 0x0001    client/server   Client server error
 0x0002    client   Display popup message server command

 Family 0x0009 Privacy management service 
 0x0001    client/server   Client / server error
 0x0002    client   Request service parameters
 0x0003    server   Requested service parameters
 0x0004    client   Set group permissions mask
 0x0005    client   Add to visible list
 0x0006    client   Delete from visible list
 0x0007    client   Add to invisible list
 0x0008    client   Delete from invisible list
 0x0009    server   Service error
 0x000A    client   Add to visible list (?)
 0x000B    client   Delete from visible list (?)

 Family 0x000A User lookup service 
 0x0001    client/server   Client / server error
 0x0002    client   Search user by email
 0x0003    server   Search response

 Family 0x000B Usage stats service 
 0x0001    client/server   Client / server error
 0x0002    server   Set minimum report interval
 0x0003    client   Usage stats report
 0x0004    server   Usage stats report ack

 Family 0x000c (depricated) Translation service 
 0x0001    client/server   Client / server error
 0x0002    client   Client translate request
 0x0003    server   Server translate reply

 Family 0x000D Chat navigation service 
 0x0001    client/server   Client / server error
 0x0002    client   Request limits
 0x0003    client   Request exchange information
 0x0004    client   Request room information
 0x0005    client   Request extended room information
 0x0006    client   Request member list
 0x0007    client   Search for room
 0x0008    client   Create room
 0x0009    server   Requested information response

 Family 0x000E Chat service 
 0x0001    client/server   Client / server error
 0x0002    server   Room information update
 0x0003    server   Users joined notification
 0x0004    server   Users left notification
 0x0005    client   Channel message from client
 0x0006    server   Channel message to client
 0x0007    client   Evil request
 0x0008    server   Evil reply
 0x0009    client/server   Chat error or data

 Family 0x000f Directory search (aim new search) 
 0x0001    client/server   Client / server error
 0x0002    client   Client search user request
 0x0003    server   Server reply for search request (found users)
 0x0004    client   Request interests list from server
 0x0005    server   Server response to interests list request

 Family 0x0010 Server-stored buddy icons 
 0x0001    client/server   Client / server error
 0x0002    client   Upload your icon to server
 0x0003    server   Server ack for icon upload
 0x0004    client   Request buddy icon from server (AIM only)
 0x0005    server   Server response to a buddy icon request (AIM only)
 0x0006    client   Request buddy icon from server (ICQ)
 0x0007    server   Server response to a buddy icon request (ICQ)

 Family 0x0013 Server side information service  
 0x0001    client/server   Client / server error
 0x0002    client   Request service parameters
 0x0003    server   Service parameters reply
 0x0004    client   Request contact list (first time)
 0x0005    client   Contact list checkout
 0x0006    server   Server contact list reply
 0x0007    client   Load server contact list (after login)
 0x0008    client/server   SSI edit: add item(s)
 0x0009    client/server   SSI edit: update group header
 0x000a    client/server   SSI edit: remove item
 0x000e    server   SSI edit server ack
 0x000f    server   client local SSI is up-to-date
 0x0011    client/server   Contacts edit start (begin transaction)
 0x0012    client/server   Contacts edit end (finish transaction)
 0x0014    client   Grant future authorization to client
 0x0015    server   Future authorization granted
 0x0016    client   Delete yourself from another client server contact
 0x0018    client   Send authorization request
 0x0019    server   Authorization request
 0x001a    client   Send authorization reply
 0x001b    server   Authorization reply
 0x001c    server   "You were added" message

 Family 0x0015 ICQ specific extensions service  
 0x0001    client/server   Client / server error
 0x0002    client   Meta information request
 0x0003    server   Meta information response

 Family 0x0017 Authorization/registration service  
 0x0001    client/server   Server error (registration refused)
 0x0002    client   Client login request (md5 login sequence)
 0x0003    server   Server login reply / error reply
 0x0004    client   Request new uin
 0x0005    server   New uin response
 0x0006    client   Request md5 authkey
 0x0007    server   Server md5 authkey response
 0x000a    server   Server SecureID request
 0x000b    client   Client SecureID reply

 Family 0x0085  - IServerd extension Broadcast service 
 0x0001    server   Server error
 0x0002    client   Send broadcast message to server
 0x0003    server   Server broadcast reply

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