The follow is a list of terms you may see through out these pages. Most of them a taken from AOL AIM documents

 BOS      Basic OSCAR Service. This term refers to the services that form the core of the Instant Messenger service. These services include Login/Logoff, Locate, Instant Message, Roster management, Info management and Buddy List
 Buddy List      The buddy list tool allows a user to see in near realtime when his friends (buddies) are using the Instant Messenger service. A user may set a preference to block others from seeing him when he is on. He may also set a permit or deny list to selectively show his presence.
 DC      DC is an abbreviation for direct connection. It is too expensive to send all client data thru server. This problem was solved by client-to-client direct connections when one client connects to port opened by another client to send messages, files and other information.
 FLAP      FLAP is a low-level communications protocol that facilitates the development of higher-level, record-oriented, communications layers. It is used on the TCP connection between all clients and servers.
 ICBM      ICBM - Inter Client Basic Message. ICBM is a channelized client-to-client mechanism. Currently the most user visible channel is used for Instant Messages.
 Instant Message (IM)      The instant message tool allows a user to send a short message to another Instant Messenger nickname that is delivered directly to the users screen in near realtime. This is unlike Email which may contain larger amounts of data and may be delivered at a later time. The receiver may easily respond with an instant message back to the sender creating a semi-realtime conversation.
 Login/Logoff      The Login/Logoff tool is an internal service of the Instant Messenger client. The tool is responsible for keeping the client connected to the Instant Messenger servers. This includes the initial login, any migrations that occur during a users session, and the final logoff.
 Migration      The process of moving a user automatically from one server to another. A migration may happen at anytime during a users session, and is completely transparent. Although the client may appear sluggish, no data will be lost during the migration.
 OSCAR      Open System for Communication in Realtime - the internal project name (as opposed to the external marketing name) used to identify Instant Messenger.
 SSI      A SSI (server-stored information) is a service that allow client to store its contact list data (buddies, groups, comments, visibility, invisibility, ignore, perms mask) on the server. This increases client mobility and drastically reduces network traffic and server load. Oscar use family 0x13 for this service.
 SNAC      A SNAC is the basic communication unit that is exchanged between clients and servers. The SNAC communication layers sits on top of the FLAP layer.
 Tool      Tools supply the underlying support for talking between Modules and the core software. There will be one tool for each of the services that the Instant Messenger offers. Each tool can support many modules.
 TLV      TLV - Type Length Value. A tuple allowing typed opaque information to be passed through the protocol. Typically TLV's are intended for interpretation at the core layer. Being typed, new elements can be added w/o modifying the lower layers.

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